Simplified Ambassador

Become a Simplified Ambassador!


Simplified Threads Co. is a lifestyle brand for anyone and everyone. We believe that everyone lives happily in their own way, and people should not change for others. "Living Simple" isn't just a message it is a lifestyle that we are trying to spread and we need your help! Join us as we embark on this amazing journey!

We have developed a team of friends along this amazing journey we have embarked on but now it is all about to change. We are now allowing supporters from all around the world become a part of this team by being a brand ambassador. Joining this team comes with some perks, such as early updates on releases for new apparel, discount codes, and free gifts from us! You want to become or became a part of this team to help spread our message, our ambassador program is going to be a family like atmosphere. We will have an ambassador blog where you can share thoughts and opinions along with meet and or communicate with people who share the same message as you!

What Will Happen:

  • After you sign up you will be sent an email referring to us reviewing your "account" then we will send a follow up email with a one time use discount code for you, and a unlimited use code for friends and family. You can make the friends and family code public, it doesn't have to be a secret!
  • Within the confirmation email you receive, there will be a list of monthly requirements. These requirements are just to make sure we have an active team that is engaging with others!
  • There will also be a list of rewards that you can go over to see what you can receive from us for being active

We are excited to have you join us on this journey of spreading the positive message of "Living Simple." Let's change the outlook on life together!